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Isopropyl Alcohol Lamp

Isopropyl Alcohol Lamp

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An Ispopropyl Alcohol Burning Lamp is the perfect addition for any lab*. Simply fill with Isopropyl Alcohol and light the wick** to flame-sterilize all of your lab tools! To extinguish, simply place the lid over the cap. Features a cotton-blend wick and stainless steel cap and lid.

Options include Glass or Stainless Steel for added durability.

*Always use caution while working around an open flame. Never leave a work space unattended while the lamp is lit.
**Make sure to use in a well ventilated area - never use a lamp or fire inside a Still Air Box or Sealed Arm Box. Make sure that any cleaner especially including iso alcohol has completely evaporated from your hands and work surface - other the fire will spread. 

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