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Out of This World Genetics



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Out of This World is proud to feature our substrate in gardens all over the world - in Asia, Europe, North & South America - even in the Caribbean!

Out of This World offers 3 options of substrate base - Wood, CVG, and Manure in 5Lb or 10Lb Bags. We also offer a premium blend of Manure and CVG - our Black Gold the best performing substrate around.

Pairs perfectly with our Premium Grain Spwan.

Soaked to proper field capacity, our substrate is sterilized using steam pasteurization. After we place in bags for shipping, we pressure sterilize for 120 mins at 15 PSI.

The Manure that we use is double pasteurized using Activated Lime before a Steam sterilization. After added nutrients, we place in bags for shipping and pressure sterilize the blend for 120 mins at 15 PSI.

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